Casey R Hickerson

I'm an interaction designer and design researcher interested in the ways people seek, organize and share information they need to be creative and productive.

I'm especially interested in the representation and exchange of how-to information in the context of end use. For instance, I study how people find ways of adapting technology to meet emergent needs. Understanding how people appropriate and adapt technology to suit their own purposes can help designers to create technologies with greater utility and appeal for end-users. Further research interests include user-centered design methods, human factors in complex systems, end-user design and development, design education, and histories and theories of design.

In practice, I've worked as an interaction designer, an architectural designer, and a software developer. Prior to joining the Information School at the University of Washington in Seattle, I was an interaction designer on staff with the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and an architectural designer with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson in Pittsburgh.

As an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon, I studied architecture and philosophy after an initial year in computer science. Additionally, I have master's degrees in histories and theories, from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, and in information science, concentrating in human-computer interaction, from the University of Washington.

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